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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  July 20, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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has the latest for us president brock obama is shocked and saddened by the situation. we have some cellphone video for you. it was taken just after the shooting. you could see moviegoers' running out and panic. one person even walked out covered in blood. this happened at the century 16 movie theater in our aurora. witnesses say he used seven type of smoke device before opening fire. we're still learning more about the ages of the victims. tragically u.s. aid today is reporting be victim at 3 months
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old i honestly can't think of any kind of person that would intentionally hurt a little girl grid id unfortunately makes me think that she got caught in the crossfire he is in his early 20s, we don't know his name and there is no immediate motive. he was reportedly wearing a gas mask and a bus. he was arrested behind the movie theater parking lot. he did not resist arrest according to police. we've got live pictures for you over the theater. there is still a police presence there. they are interviewing people around the scene. at the peak of this, i believe there were about 200 officers on the scene.
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witnesses reported that the police response was a very immediate, very quick. we are learning that other units are at the suspects apartments as well. explosives were reported earlier at his apartment. the fbi came out with the statement saying there was no indication of terrorism in this case. many are saying this is reminiscent of the fateful day of columbine. again, this is the ongoing situation. we will let you know that cbs news correspondent barry will be reporting from the shooting in aurora of seven this morning.
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they were thinking it was going to be more than $200 million this weekend alone, so the place was packed and it's so interactive so a lot of folks thought that this would be part of the movie? that's right. there was confusion by lots of the words, witnesses heard the sounds nearby. a lot of people out in the theater weren't sure of what was going on. it is now 5 04, they were in the same room together twice this week and now they want to meet me to up again.
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ross mercury knee and his wife " to change the stay away order. until this week the net has been in venezuela. illiana lopez testified in front of the silver cisco's ethics commission last night. a neighbor videotaped lopez days after the incident showing showing the beabruce. the moment i started to cry is when i started to talk about
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theo. that is the moment i started to cry lopez says the sheik regrets making the video prayed she says she felt pressured by our neighbor. she says she looks for to be in the sheriff's wife again. in the meantime san francisco's mayor ed gilley is pleased in deciding not to call on other witnesses. the whthe driver accused of rung over a woman and her child in fremont is expected to appear in court today. joseph was having an argument
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with another person. the woman's and her one-year-old daughter are still being treated for injuries. they're expected to recover. it was on wednesday when a man arrested a man suspected of slashing a co-worker with a box cutter parade a meeting is set at 1:00 at pier 31 in san francisco in regards to that. the suspects were taken into custody in santa clara county. there could even be more arrests. a multi agency task for has collected several evidence
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against these men over the month. during the sweep detectives collected laptops, hard drives and other evidence. a big great white shark spotted off the beaches of santa cruz. a beach morning stretches to capitola. state park officials are still a long people to get in the water we're just basically advising the public, we are not clear in the water closing the beaches sharks generally do not go after people, they are our
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approaching the seals this week kim might be good weather. it's going to be 60s along the coast. at the door right now, we still have some low clouds. here is a live look at the bay bridge. 60 degrees, the means 61 in oakland. not a bad start to the morning. checkout stand arose the, san francisco's should be pretty much the same.
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it looks like the warmer temperatures will stick around the next couple of days. in the meantime let's hit the roads this friday morning check out this live look at the bay bridge, metering lights are off. same goes for the cemetery ridge. no delay. elsewhere, we do have a couple things along 101. some road work wrapping up. we are seeing green, to 80 looking good. it is 510, we have new
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fallout and the penn state sex abuse scandal. a member of the board of trustees is resigning. steve says the board has become a distraction. the former penn state of assistant coach was arrested in the sexual abuse of young boys. he told sean that the killing was god's plan god did not have a plan for trayvon to die and for george zimmerman to issue to trayvon for no reason i would just like to know why did he even get out of the car? why was my son so suspicious? zimmerman posted on his
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website that he hopes the facts will clear up bouchard has sworn in a new defense minister. and officials in bulgaria are using dna samples trying to identify a man that blew up a bus in of is really tourists. officials say the bomb was placed in a luggage department, seven people died including be suspect. plus it was no movie sets, a couple steering escape and it was all caught on camera remember the first day in
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and it was,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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how the ball i am to be
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alive and have survived such a serious accident she has speak scars. she relented wooden poles. jumping over to someone looks at cameras. the dublin interchange, so far so good.
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we will jump over to one of our maps, conditions at so far so good as well out of the altamont pass. cortines bridge and the maze, a 28 minute ride with no delays. and 24, we had some overnight roadwork merit fish french. it's picked up. live look at 880, very like conditions of you work your way toward the maze. live look at 882 and 237, traffic looks clear. that is a look at your morning drive. it looks like it's cord to
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be a great weekend. at the door, we are still seeing some low clubs. by this afternoon we are going to warm things up. '60s around the coast, '70s around ebay and mid-90s from the inland areas. boat, to the north of us is finally moving up of the way. there is rain in oregon and washington state, but none here in california. 80 degrees in maybe milpitas. it is cord to be low bit cooler around the coast and the bay.
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we're seeing '70s around berkeley. over the next couple of days, i hear is a look at your forecast. nineties reaching into the mid- 90s, it is above average for the time of year. slightly cooler by the next work week. onto the race for the white house now, obama will continue the campaign swing in florida. romney stops for votes in new hampshire. obama's contends romney's plant would cost ready for medicare coverage and it will the that's a good idea? romney praised small business owners as a job
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creators. california's attorney general has enforced a new unit. it is in order to protect consumers. she wants to give consumers more protection over how their permission is used. and marissa meyer could make as much as $59 million are rednecks several years parade 37 year-old already has a net worth of $300 million. some jose is number one for pay
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for private sectors workers. san francisco came in no. 3 at $64,800. how katie homes is bad thing back on broadway and an amazing cast at wrigley field, look,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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'70s are around the bay, pushing close to nineties in some of our inland spots. we will tell you more about the coming up a live look back conditions at the bay bridge. so far metering lights are off. a complete look at traffic in a few minutes the code to the play of the day, it's at wrigley field. read johnson with a nice stretch and catch. said dino mr. ray is back to the dugout. they beat the marlins 4-2. is with the big wind over the
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keys for-3. homes this tunneling into her new apartment. she has moved to new york followed her divorce tom cruise. and it took a while but the fans of the you can use their tickets for a show that was canceled back in 1979. the mayor stopped the concert after a stampede killed several people in cincinnati. the price of admission today is up to 127 bucks.
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the search is on for a utah man who is escaped custody after his arrest. the men were accused of stealing documents of hundreds of people. chapman is still end the run. he escaped on foot and there on hot pursuit o. and how the mileage tax proposal is still moving toward new details of the confrontation between the severs this goes sheriff said his wife and the shooting in aurora ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. this is a horrific event, our hearts go out at to the family with date the suspect did seconds before opening fire we're going to see a lot of 96 this weekend will tell you more about the coming up we will have a complete look your freeway in just a few minutes we begin this morning with a deadly shooting in of in colorado.
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it was in aurora, east of denver. kate is following this story in our newsroom with the latest we have new information, at the suspect has been identified. he is 24 year-old james holmes. you could see moviegoers coming out and have it. at one point to see one person coming out in blood. it was up these century '60s and in aurora colorado. he shot in front of their nine, the largest screen in the complex police state to the people died in this incident,
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two people are still in the hospital. witness this estate it was such a scary situation it was 20 or 30 minutes into the movie and all of sudden you hear air r.c. smoke and you just see people just dropping. i think they're 20 to 30 rounds romney also put out a statement this morning saying he and his wife are deeply saddened by the news of this senseless of violence. this is live pictures outside of the suspect's apartment sprayed we know there is no immediate
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motive at this moment. homestead not resist arrest at the movie theater. the reason why the detectives are there is because of the suspect spoke of possible explosives at his apartment. the cbs news correspondent, barry will be reporting from the scene of the movie character parade it will be at 7 this morning. we will have more information for you then. the star witness spent more time on the hot seat at the ethics hearing. the sheriff and his wife will try to ease the court order that is keeping them apart alia lopez testified that
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she is not a victim of abuse, and she says that arrest and is not a violent man. they will both be at the hall of justice tried to get this stay away ordered lifted. she says the december 31st incident between her and her husband which left her with a bruised arm was not domestic abuse. the incident led to the sheriff's suspension and criminal charges. she says she was concerned of the effects of their fight on their son. everybody knows, even me that there was not really all,
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lopez says that she also regrets making that video and that she looks forward to just be the sheriff's wife again. the ethics commission will take on the case again august 16th. they will vote on whether it be sure of would be able to keep his job. you could hear more of the lopez is testify on line just click on politics. adlai said " it is time for
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mercury meet to stop making side shows we're just learning from said the cleric shares deputies, they were on this theme of the shooting. investigators are releasing a few details. they do say a man entered a home, shot the victim and then fled the scene. the eight suspect has a gunshot wound that is not considered life-threatening. we will have more details as we get them is suspected great white shark was spotted near shore. the beach morning stretched from seascape to capitola. the eat shark was estimated at 14 ft. long.
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it did have or display in the aggressive behavior toward people in the water. experts day chards prefer not to go for humans referring to snap of sales. at the door, maybe peach weather, it hit our inland areas are going to be nice. it will heat up by this weekend. temperatures out the door has actually dropped a couple degrees in some spots. the paid degrees in redwood city.
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with regard to see a lot of '80s, some upper '70s in the east bay. pushing close to some nineties. in the meantime one more update with traffic with key on the if you're headed toward the cemetery ridge, you are in luck. between 88101, it's clear and a 40 minute drive. no delays coming out of san francisco as you head into oakland. we had some overnight roadwork through marin county, that's unclear. we will take a look at all is what pass in just a few minutes to regional agencies have given the go ahead on studies of
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the per mile attacks on people who drive year in the bay area. the group's stage that it is one of the many options under consideration in the future of the areas transportation ben is accused of killing five people in an angle side only. he was arrested within three days of the murders. and a public meeting in dade deadly officer shooting. this morning the meeting is set for 1030 at pier 31 here in services co it is 539, we have to follow
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in the penn state sex abuse scandal. and for mitt chairman is resigning. steve says his presence on the board is becoming a distraction. the former penn state a system for football coach is accused of sexually abusing 10 boys, some on be university a new way to get police to respond instantly. the bay area's city where,,,,,,,
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>> direct tv and viacom have settled a dispute that removed 17 channels from millions of customers. the two companies were haggling over how much direct tv should pay to carry channels like mtv and comedy central. terms have not been announced but many people that have gone without are very happy today. stock futures slighting this morning. the market falling worldwide trends, ashley morris and is here with the latest. >> good morning, it was a down day for the asian markets this
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morning, japan fell% and a half while hong kong for dropped 1%. good news for technology companies sent stocks higher for a third straight day. one technology company that did not fare so well was microsoft, the software giant posted their first quarterly loss in their 26 years as a public company, the loss resulted from a $6.2 billion write-down on an advertising service the required five years ago. they're looking ahead to the october release of their new operating system windows 8. ford has issued a recall on one of their suvs and they tell owners not to drive the vehicles until a critical fix is made. the recall affects more than 11,000 escape the seabees from the 2013 model year. ford says the fuel lines can crack and spilled gasoline. the company says the problem has resulted in three fires but no one has been injured, dealers
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will pick up the affected models and drop off loaner cars until those repairs are made. certainly get that check out if that affects you. >> and i guess that you have some bad news at the gas pump? >> it is going to be costing more to fill up your car, prices at the pump or 10¢ per gallon higher in just the past two weeks, that follows a big jump in crude prices because of increased tensions in the middle east, gasoline prices often light crude prices by a couple of weeks. crude is trading at $93 per barrel and that is the high as we have seen since may. we had a good couple of months where we were getting lower prices but the trend will be upward in the next few weeks. hopefully not too much upward. >> we are coming to an anyways as long as it stay under $4, thank you. >> let's take a look at the weather for the weekend. the weekend is almost here.
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>> yes if you had in and you will have mid-90s, if you really like the hot stuff. 60s, stinson beach will be 62 for your high litter on this afternoon but we're going to warm things up by this weekend and we're continuing the warming trend across the bay area. out the door is not too bad. especially in inland areas. partly cloudy and mild with images and the low 60s in some spots, partly cloudy, some patchy fog out there as well especially along the coast and day. this afternoon we're going to see a pushing close to 90 in some spots and other was mid- 60's and seventies around the coast and day but we will see a return of the sun shined so warmer today than what we saw yesterday because of the high- pressure. the ridge is building and the low that brought us unseasonably cool weather very early in the workweek is continuing to move out of the bay area and continuing its journey for the north.
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we're left with upper seventies in places like fremont, low '80s in san jose, hotter still in the east bay interior valleys, livermore getting close to 90 degrees and you'll see from the forecast of the next several days that this is what we're left with, the mergers at or above average, continuing through the middle of next week with a slight cool down wednesday and thursday but if you want to check out fun things to do this weekend, we have the connoisseurs' marketplace still happening in menlo park with the measures in the low '80s and it will really be heating up in the sacramento valley for the california state fair. that is a check of weather, here is traffic. >> let's jump over to the bay bridge where traffic is cruising right along as you work your way towards the metering lights. it has been very nice so far this morning. some roadwork to contend with in a few spots but overall not causing too many delays and the same goes for 5008680 as we head towards the dublin interchange, lots of people had to work right now on the west bound side, that
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is where the headlights are going to 680 but overall not any major problems. he's down conditions very light, no trouble to report, let's get a look at the altamont pass. a little bit yellow indicating slower speeds on the eastbound side and west bound side as you look at the drive time, 60 minutes westlawn 580 from the west bound passed to 680, take a look at the rest of the drive times throughout the east bay and you can see that there is really no problems. everything in the green if your head to work right now, 24 looks good and 880 is clear as well as the east shore freeway and a look at conditions along 680, still have room were in effect shut down 680. it should be wrapping up within the next 10 minutes. right now not seeing any yellow on the sensors store traffic is still traveling ok, only one landlocked in that area and we saw a slight delays as you work your way eastbound and a clear road work to transferred and antioch and west on highway 4.
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pretty typical list some of the morning. that is a look at your morning drive, back to you guys. >> this weekend, a military members are going to be able to walk in the san diego gay pride parade in uniform. the pentagon said that it would make an exception to their policy banning uniformed troops from marching in any parade, that is because organizers were drawing national attention by encouraging troops to do it. the pentagon has stressed that the exception is a onetime thing. >> redwood city police department turning to the internet to help people with routine questions or problems, this is a demonstration of the new video chat system to be run by injured officers that are unable to do street patrols. the officers can have face-to- face conversations with residents while saving time. >> is very similar to having a police officer come to your house, >> my card upper rise earlier today the that the >> the department is evaluating
5:49 am
the system for the next three months and the program's future will depend upon how many residents take advantage of it and how well it works. >> pretty cool. coming up, we have a major milestone to bring bart to the south bay. >> and a man's last hole, the lifesaving items instead of this one to $4,000 zombies survival [ male announcer ] stop & go traffic. you can't always avoid it. but you can always do something nice for your car. chevron with techron. care for your car.
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>> good morning and welcome back, we're live once again on the roof of the cbs 5 building in san fransisco where the temperature out the door is about 57 degrees, mostly cloudy skies, otherwise seem mild conditions especially in the east bay, san jose coming in at 60 degrees, upper 50s in places
5:52 am
like fairfield and concord. we're in the middle of a warming trend, we'll get hot in spots as soon as this weekend, we will tell you about that coming up >> so far so good with traffic conditions, golden gate bridge problem free as well as the bay bridge and no delays in the south bay. we will have a complete look at roadways in a few minutes. >> 553 am right now and crews are demolishing more buildings to make way for bart to come to san jose. this is the first phase of the project that is extending our 10 mi. from the future warm spring station in fremont to north san jose. stations will be built in milpitas and san jose. crews will be working between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. through the end of august. our host to be running those trains to san jose by 2018. >> 5:53 a.m., a terrifying time caught on cellphone video, there were already weather problems
5:53 am
for american eagle flight from denver to chicago. so they diverted to peoria illinois and smoke filled the cabin. after a safe landing people scramble to get off the air when any way they could. >> we were standing on the wing of the airplane, and that is far down to the ground. >> is there a ladder or a shoe? there was nothing. and no instruction so i just sat down and slid off of the wing and turned around and call my wife. >> no one was badly injured but one passenger did suffered an ankle injury. >> wrote island man making a full recovery after falling out of the boat and treading water for 11 hours. joseph grosz fell overboard near south kingston, he was not wearing a light jacket, he is suffering from exhaustion as well as hypothermia but he is expected to be ok. the search is on for a utah man who escaped custody after his
5:54 am
arrest. police arrested joseph chen nan near farmington and tuesday. they're accused of stealing personal documents from more than 250 people. he is in custody, she is on the run. police say that he managed to slip out of his handcuffs, kicked out a rear window, and escaped on foot as you can see there. they're still looking for him. >> the price for peace of mind during the zombi apocalypse, $24,000. pricey. >> the ultimate survival kit promises to ship out before the night of the living dead becomes a reality. online reviewers point out that it is skimpy on firepower, but it comes with special - 4 when you run out of ammunition also in the kit, a battle paul bottle that can be used for drinking or smashing skulls. >> if only i had an extra
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$24,000 to spend all my zombies survival kit. >> 5:55 a.m., in the next half- hour a could be the worst weapon of outbreak in years, why so many kids are getting sick now? >> and much more on the deadly movie theater shooting, coming up in a live report from michelle live on the scene. >> to have not had contact since january, now san francisco's january, now san francisco's system is sherrif ross mirkarimi you know what's exciting? graduation. january, now san francisco's system is sherrif ross mirkarimi when i look up into my students faces, i see pride. you know, i have done something worthwhile. when i earned my doctorate through university of phoenix, that pride, that was on my face. i am jocelyn taylor. i'm committed to making a difference in people's lives, and i am a phoenix. visit to find the program that's right for you. enroll now. let's take a paint project from "that looks hard"
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>> >> you are watching cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. >> good morning, it is july 20th. >> a movie theater massacre leaving at least a dozen people dead in colorado. >> and the wife of the suspended sentences the sherrif says she was not worried about the bruise on her arm. those stories and more in your
5:59 am
morning minutes. >> we were just on the floor, and just, you know praying to god that we were not shot. >> a midnight showing of the dark night rises dress deadly when a gunman opens in a colorado theater. >> ileana lopez says that it was not domestic abuse. >> i am looking forward to the day that i will just be his wife again. >> beachgoers are being warned that a great white shark has been spotted off the coast. >> we're not clearing the water or closing beaches, just advising. >> from across the bay, tour around the world, the stories that matter on eyewitness news this morning.


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